Science Under Sail Australia

About Us

Science Under Sail Australia provides a unique opportunity to participate in citizen science data collection under the supervision of professional researchers. We believe that education needs to be hands-on, and learning can be fun.

Experience what it’s like to be a marine researcher onboard a sailing vessel and help collect data that will be used to manage our marine resources. We currently provide data collected on our trips to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Great Sandy Marine Park, Moreton Bay Marine Park, Healthy Land and Water, and private consultants.

“It was the trip of a lifetime…..”

Combine research, education, and fun of new experiences

While living and working in amazing places

We provide many government agencies, non-government organisation and private consultants with the valuable data our students collect. Our data has been used to contribute to annual report cards, inform decisions on marine park zoning reviews and on development applications. By providing environmental management with high quality up to date data on seagrass and other habitats it helps them understand the impacts of human activities and manage these important habitats for the future benefit of the community.

You will be taught research techniques and methods from professional researchers and learn about marine ecosystems through hands-on experience.