Our team

Dr. James Udy

Dr James Udy has 30 years of experience working as a marine scientist. His past experiences include being a lecturer at the University of Queensland; managing the research and development team at Seqwater; working as a chief scientist for Healthy Waterways.

James now splits his time between running SUSA’s educational citizen science program and doing consultancy work that enhances the management of Australia’s marine resources.  

Nicola Udy

Nicola Udy works full time for the Queensland Government as the manager for policy and planning of the States’ three Marine Parks (Moreton Bay Marine Park, Great Sandy Marine Park, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park).

Nicola provides SUSA with advice on how to deliver data that helps environmental managers and is always supporting the logistics of field trips behind the scene.

Katya Ovsyanikova

Katya is a marine biologist from Russia. She has over 7 years of experience working on expedition ships in the Arctic and Antarctica. Pursing her passion for science and marine mammals, Katya did her first two degrees researching sea otters in the North Pacific and Antarctic killer whales in New Zealand. Currently, Katya is in the final stages of her PhD degree at the University of Queensland studying acoustic communication of bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay.

Katya is very passionate about sharing her love for the ocean and creatures that live in it. She is an avid photographer and environmental educator. Katya has been working with SUSA since 2017 and she is always excited at the opportunity to share another adventure with like-minded travellers.

Anai Fien

Anai grew up living on the beach, so it was a natural progression for her to study and work on the water. Anai spends half her time on land researching Tasmanian devils and the other half snorkelling, diving, and learning about the ocean. Discovering new animals and various ecosystems and then translating this knowledge into conservation actions is what drives her ambition. Anai endeavours to help others unearth a similar passion for the natural world and someday soon swim with a whale shark.