Science Under Sail Australia


Science Under Sail Consultancy

Science Under Sail Australia (SUSA) is a niche consultancy organisation, that works collaboratively with larger organisations to facilitate the delivery of environmental projects. Recent projects include:

  • Identifying the management information needs and assisting in the design of a new ‘Reef Integrated Monitoring modelling and Reporting Program’ (RIMReP) on the Great Barrier Reef. (Client: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority)
  • Leading a group of seagrass experts from across Australia to develop the design recommendations for the seagrass components of RIMReP (Client: Australian Institute of Marine Science)
  •  Providing a synthesis role to develop an overview document that summarises all 10 components of RIMReP, including socio-economic and environmental (Client: Aurecon)

Example figure from a recent consultancy report:

Figure from Udy, Aurecon & GBRMPA 2019, ‘Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program’.