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Science Under Sail Education

Young people and early career scientists participate in our expeditions as research assistants to gain field experience while learning about marine science and our coastal ecosystems.

SUSA offers several different educational opportunities:

  1. Custom designed school excursions – designed to meet specific curriculum requirements.
  2. Holiday programs – students act as research assistants and experience what it is like to be a marine scientists.
  3. Corporate team building days – designed to meet the needs of the organisation.
  4. Open days – when members of the general public can participate as citizen scientists.

Our approach to education is hands-on and fully immersive!

An extraordinary opportunity for our students and the positive response since their return has been ongoing


Custom school excursions:

We currently conduct school excursions to meet specific curriculum requirements from a single day to 7 day/6 night liveaboard trips. Activities and locations of the school excursions are designed in collaboration with each school. Where possible we take the students into marine habitats close to the school to provide students with a better understanding of their local marine resources as well as minimising cost and travel time for the school/students.

Day trips can take a total of 22 passengers (students and teachers)

Overnight trips can take a maximum of 8 passengers (students and teachers)


It was awesome, a great experience of learning about the reef, the health of different organisms in the reef and how they all interact. It was great to see into the life of a marine biologist in the fields seagrass and coral.

Student participant

Holiday Programs:

Our holiday programs are offered to both senior high school students and university students. For many participants, they provide their first opportunity to participate in the daily routine of a marine scientist while collecting data that will be used by environmental managers.

We have a very high staff to student ratio of no more than 1:4, hence all participants receive personal mentoring from professional scientists as well as have the opportunity to work alongside people who are at a different stage of in their personal marine research career. We have found that students enjoy the opportunity to interact with others outside their usual age-limited social groups and benefit from the diversity of ages and experiences of SUSA participants.

Corporate team building:

SUSA can design a custom event to meet your organisation’s requirements. Please contact us to discuss further.

Open Days:

Susa is working with the Moreton Bay Discovery Centre to start offering open days to the general public who are interested in learning more about Moreton Bay. Please follow us on Facebook to get real-time event updates.

Please contact us to express your interest or if you would like to be put on our mailing list.